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  1. Bookings
    We do not offer direct bookings. When a user submits the booking request form, our admin gets an email with your contact information, room and date preferences and checks for availability. He then replies to the user with the cost of booking and / or any deposit that might be needed to confirm the booking.
  2. Reservations / payments
    • For a reservation to be confirmed, an advance payment is required
    • The advance payment for the confirmation is of 25% of the total cost (according to article N.2).
    • The advance payment could be made either to a bank account or our account on Western Union.
    • The rest of the amount will be paid upon the arrival.

    After payment a receipt and confirmation for your reservation is sent to you via E-mail.
    Attention please: immediately after your money deposit, notify us by E-Mail.

    Bank account:
    Recipient: Stamos Klimatsidas
    Adress:Toroni-Halkidiki GR – 63072
    IBAN: GR8401102140000021440300016

  3. Cancelation costs
    • For booking cancelled up to 21 days prior to the arrival date, the deposit is fully (100%) refundable (according to article N.3)
    • for booking cancelled less than 21days before the arrival date, 50% of the deposit will be charged (according to article N.3)
    • for a cancellation during staying, 50% of the original booking charge for the rest of the days is charged, corresponding to the agreed room daily rate (according to article N.8)
  4. Staying:
    • Check-in: 15:00-22:00.
    • Check-out: till 11:00.
    • Guests wishing to keep the room up until 18:00 are charged 50% of the room daily rate. In case of staying beyond 18:00 the full daily rate is charged.
  5. Information security
    We always try to keep your personal information safe so we use SSL certificate, so every communication with our server is encrypted. Furthermore we suggest using strong passwords to all of our users, change it regularly and avoid using the same password in many websites.
  6. Personal data
    Every data that the user submits must be full, correct, true and valid. In case of any changes the user is responsible to update them and inform us in order to keep a up-to-date record. All of our members are the only responsible persons for their actions regarding their account. In case of any unauthorized actions regarding their account they must inform us in order to take further actions.We do not use / resell / forward your personal information to 3rd parties. Your personal data are deleted from our server if you request it via the contact form. You can also request a copy of the data that we store of your data.
    We use cookies to identify the user, using this website. The cookies are small text files that are stored in every user’s hard drive. They do not have access to any of your files from your pc but they are used only for helping you access our services. They also help us track how you and everyoen else is using  our website in order to help us make our services better. You can set your browser to not store cookies and also you can choose which cookies you allow to be stored in your computer.
  8. ADS – Links to other websites
    We do not have any responsibility for any websites that are being promoted in our website. In our website we have several links to 3rd party websites. We do not control those website, so we cant be help responsible for any damage this might cause to the user. For any problem you might have in those 3rd party websites you have to contact the administrators of those websites.


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